Ho Chi Minh is Vietnam’s economic hub and The Crib’s home base. The great metropolis is the perfect start, middle or end to a visit to this amazing country.


Ho Chi Minh City also affectionately known as Saigon is considered one of Asia’s most fascinating cities combining a fast paced atmosphere, economic development, markets, and shopping & entertainment with a unique and traditionally rich and friendly culture.

Whether you’re looking for some tips to explore this epic city on your own or need expert local insight, we’re here to ensure you have the greatest experience in our home city possible.

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  • Cooking Class Tour | The Crib Hostel Saigon
    Cooking Class (04 Hours)

    You will have the opportunity to learn a selection of favorite dishes, an ability to recognize the basic ingredients, the blending of these many ingredients and spices to create the famous “nước mắm” (fish sauce) as well as cooking of the multitude of different rice. Apart from the preparation and cooking under our Chef guidance, you will be introduced to the traditional Vietnamese kitchen with cooking utensils still closely linked to the Vietnamese way of life in the past, you will learn a touch of oriental science with the Yin-Yang balance to respect, some of the history of Vietnamese Cuisine from its roots in the Hue Citadel Imperial Cuisine to the effects of various influences from both the West and other Eastern Cultures. Finally, you will understand the intricacies of the Vietnamese dining Etiquette and the technique to master the chopsticks!

  • Street Food Lover | The Crib Hostel Saigon
    Street Food Lover (04 Hours)

    We have specifically designed a tour that is focused on showing off our favorite spots for Vietnamese food and recipes in Sài Gòn in a tasting menu style. Throughout the night we will travel from various locations on a motorcycle tour while we eat local Vietnamese food and drink our way

  • Dinner Cruise | The Crib Hostel Saigon
    Dinner Cruise

    Saigon at night, especially along the city’s spectacular river, is a wonder to behold. For proof of this, look no further than one of some available dinner cruises. While you dine in traditional performance surroundings, you’ll get a true taste of just how much this city dazzles at night. This river cruise reflects the most beautiful side, relaxing and romantic with the bright lights of Saigon.

  • Vespa Tour - Saigon After Dark | The Crib Hostel Saigon
    Vespa Tour – Saigon After Dark

    This is the quintessential night tour of Saigon. A combination of the best food, culture, and nightlife that Saigon has to offer. This tour remains to be a favorite because it shows all aspects of Saigon in a single tour.

  • Foodie By Night - The Crib Hostel Saigon
    Foodie by Night

    Sài Gòn is the biggest economic center in Việt Nam, attracting a huge number of immigrants from across the country. Those people follow their “Sài Gòn Dream” for better lives with many ambitions and opportunities. However, nobody cares how many Saigonese are immigrants (all of them are given a warm welcome), but they do care a lot for the amazing, different cuisines coming from every corner of the country. In a few hours’ time, we will drive you to different districts of Sài Gòn, visit the food streets, and enjoy as many dishes as you can!

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