Saigon only touches the surface of this amazing country. We are passionate about showing you how to see the country in the best way possible no matter your time, budget or tastes.


Whether you’re after historic towns, deserted tropical beaches, winding highland passes, parties with other foreigners, food tasting city adventures, or lookouts, they will all come served up with a shot of one of the worlds most endearing cultures. You’ll love Vietnam and we will show you the very best our beautiful country has to offer!

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  • Authentic Mekong Delta Tours | The Crib Hostel Saigon
    Authentic Mekong Delta (2 Days)

    Mekong Delta is the lower part of the legendary Mekong River. From the Tibetan plateau, it runs through China, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia before coming to the South of Vietnam. Its name in our land is “Nine Dragon River” because it’s divided into thousands of intermingled branches and rivers, and creates nine river mouths before drifting out to the Sea like the nine happy dragons of mythology. This package will introduce you one of the world’s most brilliant cultures with friendly and hospitable people, amazing scenery, tasty food, and thousands of smiles.

  • Cai Be Village Tour | The Crib Hostel Saigon
    Cái Bè Village

    Cái Bè is a small village that still retains its natural beauty, busy river system, tasty food, and hospitable people. You can’t talk about Cái Bè without talking about its floating market and abundance of delicious tropical fruits. Highlight of the day is to cruise among the boats coming from all areas of the Delta, and to cycle along the trails, returning the friendly smiles and waves of local children.

  • My Tho and Ben Tre | The Crib Hostel Saigon
    Mỹ Tho And Bến Tre (Full Day)

    Mỹ Tho is one of the biggest cities in the Mekong Delta, dotted with serene Buddhist pagodas and surrounded by dense rivers. Many great destinations for visitors have been established by the local government and private companies, serving thousands of tourists every day. We recommend this tour for those who want to get an overview of the Mekong Delta for a few delightful hours.

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